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Many of Chronic Logic’s games have levels editors that allow the community to develop their own game content with limited to no programming experience required. Gish, Kingdom Elemental, and the bridge games all have community made content that can be found in the far corners of forums, pages on chroniclogic.com and sometimes even make it onto the game’s main download.

I’ve been doing a lot with the Gish editor lately, and may be releasing a few of my own levels in the next week or two. In the mean time try looking around for some custom levels – you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

Here are a few links that you might want to check out,

Kingdom Elemental Levels,


Bridge Construction Set Levels (scroll to the bottom),


Gish flying a gap

Gish taking a gap out in my editor, he was on the truck at one point...

Likes for Gish monster truck level! :)

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