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First off, thanks to everyone who participated in the Facebook Game Giveaway, especially those of you who spread the word and helped make the promotion as successful as it was.

Now I will say that going through all those comments was a job and there were a few that I just need to share…

You know we are a game design company right...?

3/4 people may or may not be getting what they expect… as for the faceless entity way to take a stand and show off your grammar prowess!

Another cute one,


Apparently there are a few games I didn't realize we developed...

This one’s gutsy,


Somebody trying to pull a fast one?

I blanked out the names, but this was the same person. You sir are a go getter, I believe I sent you Gish because that’s my personal preference. This one on the other hand is more than deserving of 2 games…

You always know the right things to say

Well, enough post ranting. Here is the final result of the Giveaway on Nov 5th at about 10am,


Look at all that mouse click abuse

The idea was to post your favorite game, I was interested to see which games would end up on top so I took a little extra time to compile that information and here are the results,

Pie Chart for Percentage of Total Games Requested per Game

BCS 403, Gish 199, Bridge It 124, KE 49, Wildlife 31, Trash 30, Triptych 23, Ponti 10, Zat 5, Astro 2


  1. VooDoo says:

    were the ones the had more than one game listed, like me… i posted all the bridge maker games, i vould mot pick one out….

    thanks for the free game, you guys rock


  2. Bryon says:

    Loving the cat face :)
    In posts with multiple games I listed the one named first, and when people double posted I used the game named in the second comment.

  3. Jakkar says:

    Ever the oddity, I’m part of the 2.63% who asked for Triptych.


    Because I already own/have played extensively the others =P

  4. kehander says:

    Indeed, wouldn’t one’s favorite game be one that one already owns and enjoys and not be one that one would like a free copy of? That’s how I ended up requesting AstroDriller.

    And thanks again for the freebie.

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