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In a few weeks Gish is coming back. Sponsored by Plantonics, we have come up with some new and unique Gish levels that will put even the greatest gamers’ skills to the test. Unique to these levels, there is tangible merchandise hidden within the game itself! That’s right, Plantronics has sent us a number of Gamecon 777’s and putting our fans first we have injected those headsets straight into Gish for you to find and claim!

How we did it :
1) Bring the headsets back to the Chronic Labs by seaside Santa Cruz, CA

Headsets Delivered

Shipment from Plantronics Sound Innovation

2) Open the box and evaluate dimensions, density, and some advanced high level molecular chemistry.

Opening the box

What could it be??

Gamecon777 Headset

Gamecon 777s

3) Fire up the Subparticle Transfer Beam.

Subparticle Transfer Beam

Pew Pew!

4) Plug in USB

USB cord


Plugged in


Keep a lookout for this contest which will launch early March! New levels will be released and Gamecons will be given away.

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