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Many of Chronic Logic’s games have levels editors that allow the community to develop their own game content with limited to no programming experience required. Gish, Kingdom Elemental, and the bridge games all have community made content that can be found in the far corners of forums, pages on chroniclogic.com and sometimes even make it onto the game’s main download.

I’ve been doing a lot with the Gish editor lately, and may be releasing a few of my own levels in the next week or two. In the mean time try looking around for some custom levels – you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

Here are a few links that you might want to check out,

Kingdom Elemental Levels,


Bridge Construction Set Levels (scroll to the bottom),


Gish flying a gap

Gish taking a gap out in my editor, he was on the truck at one point...

Likes for Gish monster truck level! :)

About a Month ago there was a post added to the Zatikon updates forum thread noting that we are working on the following improvements/changes for Zatikon:
–12 new units for the Legions add-on pack
–Summoned unit revision
–Saving sound settings
–Wyvern changes
–Minor Interface improvements

I had a chance to hang out with a few of the programmers involved with the update at the office today and had to probe about what we can be expecting from the update.
Here is some of the information I was able to commandeer from Linus,

Don't Feed the Dragons - Turn number 16

The interface improvements are going to allow us to see some information on current games being played.  Some of the specifics include being able to see player names, levels, turns taken, the most expensive unit in play for each side and some others. We may also see a more dynamic way to organize teams in 2v2 matchups.

I was more interested however in the unit changes that will affect gameplay,

Linus’ favorite new unit is the Malitia, which has the ability to be redeployed after dieing if it dies while you’re outnumbered by the opposing army. This will be one of the 12 units mentioned to be included in the Legions pack.

Some of the changes to existing units are also going to have a profound affect on gameplay.

The Wyvern, one of the most loved, but abused units in the game is having major changes done. We can expect to see a faster Wyvern and an increase in egg strength, but some limitations on movement.

Another huge change will be made to summoners across the board. No summoner will be able to summon indefinitely anymore. Summoned units will also be linked to their masters. If a summoner dies, so will the units summoned. To preserve the value of summoners we will also see an increase in power of summoned units and changes in summoner abilities.

Two of the specifics I heard about are the Summoner and Necro.

The Summoner will now be able to empower demons, and the Necro will be able to gain strength by feeding on its summoned units while transforming.

Protect your summoners, your underlings depend on it - Turn number 17

Have something to say about Zatikon units? Join the discussion in the Chronic Logic Forums.

Zatikon is free to play, and is now playable as a Facebook Application.

Thanks for Liking!

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in the Facebook Game Giveaway, especially those of you who spread the word and helped make the promotion as successful as it was.

Now I will say that going through all those comments was a job and there were a few that I just need to share…

You know we are a game design company right...?

3/4 people may or may not be getting what they expect… as for the faceless entity way to take a stand and show off your grammar prowess!

Another cute one,


Apparently there are a few games I didn't realize we developed...

This one’s gutsy,


Somebody trying to pull a fast one?

I blanked out the names, but this was the same person. You sir are a go getter, I believe I sent you Gish because that’s my personal preference. This one on the other hand is more than deserving of 2 games…

You always know the right things to say

Well, enough post ranting. Here is the final result of the Giveaway on Nov 5th at about 10am,


Look at all that mouse click abuse

The idea was to post your favorite game, I was interested to see which games would end up on top so I took a little extra time to compile that information and here are the results,

Pie Chart for Percentage of Total Games Requested per Game

BCS 403, Gish 199, Bridge It 124, KE 49, Wildlife 31, Trash 30, Triptych 23, Ponti 10, Zat 5, Astro 2

O the 90s…

Not all of us can be the Super Toy Run Kid… But this Wednesday and Thursday we can all win a free video game.

Sometime on Wednesday, November 3rd, we will be posting a new Facebook status. Anyone who responds to this very specific post with their favorite Chronic Logic game included in the message will win that game! Keep in mind that this promotion will only last 48 hours, so be prepared! be pumped! and power up! to prove that at Chronic Logic gamers win…. BIG. In a 48 hour rampage : Gish! Bridge It! AstroDriller! and even Kingdom Elemental for the kids next door! And when it’s all over you won’t have to give away your dog to make room for Hot Wheels and Sonic merchandise.


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