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Gaming On Linux is currently running a raffling to give out a free copy of Gish, see details in the link below.


Gaming On Linux is a website dedicated to providing gaming news for Linux as well as a directory of Linux games & utilities. They currently have a large library of games categorized from action to puzzle covering not only classics like World of Goo, but also newer, undiscovered titles like BOH.

Gaming on Linux

Gaming on Linux logo

Yawma Featuring Kingdom Elemental and others

Kingdom Elemental Featured on Yawma's gaming page (bottom right)

Yawma just left beta and officially launched early September. They are a one of a kind community dedicated to pulling indie titles into the spotlight with the use of various tools that allow quick, easy transitions of indie news to Facebook and other social platforms. Discovering quality games, and sharing them with other people is what Yawma’s all about.

Yawma is user driven, they work with game developers like us to provide content, reviews, and the best prices on Indie downloads they can. When users choose to buy games they like through Yawma, their Yawma social circles are formed. These connections allow gamers to discover quality indie games through friends they trust, or perhaps even alert them to stay away from certain games depending on the friend. Yawma also allows members to easily share games with their non-Yawma friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The Yawma user profile also allows their members to earn cash rewards via PayPal by using the system. With new updates and content coming out daily, Yawma is set to be a big name in the Indie gaming industry.

Check out our titles on their site,



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