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Besides adding Bridge Project to the web page and putting Bridge It into Greenlight we have been busy getting Bridge It into the IndieFort Countdown Bundle!

The IndieFort Bundle is actually five bundles that each last a week.  They start at four dollars and decrease by a dollar per week if you purchase the previous ones.  So get the first four and the last one is free.  Bridge It will be in week three.  We also will be donating 5% of the money to Help-Daniel, a very good cause for a fellow game developer with a serious medical condition.

Here is what week one looks like, remember Bridge It will be in Week three:

IndieFort Week 1

The total five week bundle included twenty games! All five bundles will only cost you $10 total, that is %.50 per game. Take a look at the video for more details:

Does anyone find this interesting?

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