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467x181Bridge It Plus is now available on steam. It actually has been for a while but I have not posted it here yet. Any purchase of Bridge It through chroniclogic.com comes with a Steam and Desura key. You can check out Bridge It Plus here or on Steam.

The latest news is the Kingdom Elemental has just been updated and released on Steam as well and is on sale for $3.99! It includes Steam achievements and I am in the process of adding Steam Leader boards to track your high scores in Kingdom Elemental’s Destiny Mode. Destiny mode is my favorite gameplay mode. You face increasingly difficult waves of enemies seeing how long you can last and increasing your score for each enemy you kill.

I will be posting more news as I work on the Leader Boards for Kingdom Elemental as well as a Steam Demo. If anyone has a chance to try out Destiny Mode let me know what you think.

Also look for more news about our latest game coming soon.

Just uploaded update to the Bridge It demo, if anyone wants to test it before it goes public. It now allows you to switch graphics options in the options screen and saves all settings in the “My Documents” folders instead of the program files folder. Let us know if you find any problems!


New Demo is now available:


After a lot of work we have managed to make some major changes to Bridge It to allow it to run on all types of graphics cards.  This new version was released several months ago and has breathed new life into the game which inspired me to dive into the code and figure out how new levels could be added to the game.  Remember Bridge It was a collaboration between Nvidia, Auran and Chronic Logic so while the game play code was based on Bridge Construction Set we didn’t write any of the other code for the game.  This made for a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to do something that should be simple like adding levels.  It didn’t help that I was not able to contact any of the programmers who did write all the non-gameplay code for Bridge It.  The point is that it was quite a job just to get all the source code for Bridge It compiling and figuring out how it all worked.  So after lots of work I am happy to say that I figured out how to add some more levels to the game and there will be an add-on pack with 8 new levels for Bridge It released soon!

We have just posted a new Zatikon Game Guide to go with all the updates we have been doing to the game, more on the updates to come:

Zatikon Game Guide

Is anyone fluent in German and English and would like some free games? If you are willing to translate some text to help us bring the German version of Bridge Construction Set up to the latest version send us a message here: http://www.chroniclogic.com/contact_form.php?section=support

Many of Chronic Logic’s games have levels editors that allow the community to develop their own game content with limited to no programming experience required. Gish, Kingdom Elemental, and the bridge games all have community made content that can be found in the far corners of forums, pages on chroniclogic.com and sometimes even make it onto the game’s main download.

I’ve been doing a lot with the Gish editor lately, and may be releasing a few of my own levels in the next week or two. In the mean time try looking around for some custom levels – you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

Here are a few links that you might want to check out,

Kingdom Elemental Levels,


Bridge Construction Set Levels (scroll to the bottom),


Gish flying a gap

Gish taking a gap out in my editor, he was on the truck at one point...

Likes for Gish monster truck level! :)

About a Month ago there was a post added to the Zatikon updates forum thread noting that we are working on the following improvements/changes for Zatikon:
–12 new units for the Legions add-on pack
–Summoned unit revision
–Saving sound settings
–Wyvern changes
–Minor Interface improvements

I had a chance to hang out with a few of the programmers involved with the update at the office today and had to probe about what we can be expecting from the update.
Here is some of the information I was able to commandeer from Linus,

Don't Feed the Dragons - Turn number 16

The interface improvements are going to allow us to see some information on current games being played.  Some of the specifics include being able to see player names, levels, turns taken, the most expensive unit in play for each side and some others. We may also see a more dynamic way to organize teams in 2v2 matchups.

I was more interested however in the unit changes that will affect gameplay,

Linus’ favorite new unit is the Malitia, which has the ability to be redeployed after dieing if it dies while you’re outnumbered by the opposing army. This will be one of the 12 units mentioned to be included in the Legions pack.

Some of the changes to existing units are also going to have a profound affect on gameplay.

The Wyvern, one of the most loved, but abused units in the game is having major changes done. We can expect to see a faster Wyvern and an increase in egg strength, but some limitations on movement.

Another huge change will be made to summoners across the board. No summoner will be able to summon indefinitely anymore. Summoned units will also be linked to their masters. If a summoner dies, so will the units summoned. To preserve the value of summoners we will also see an increase in power of summoned units and changes in summoner abilities.

Two of the specifics I heard about are the Summoner and Necro.

The Summoner will now be able to empower demons, and the Necro will be able to gain strength by feeding on its summoned units while transforming.

Protect your summoners, your underlings depend on it - Turn number 17

Have something to say about Zatikon units? Join the discussion in the Chronic Logic Forums.

Zatikon is free to play, and is now playable as a Facebook Application.

Thanks for Liking!

Chronic Logic is looking for Inters for the fall. Internships start as unpaid and have a flexible schedule with a minimum of 12 hours a week. We need programmers for an XNA project so XNA experience is a big plus as well as networking and GUI experience. Please contact us here with your relevent experiance and why you would be a good fit for the position: Contact Page

As an Indie Developer we face a lot of challenges. We work with almost no budget trying to complete games that can take months or years to finish. These are games that we love to play so we put everything we can into them. We know some of these games are not going to be huge hits or extremely popular. What keeps us going? We know that the games are fun, we love playing them, we love making them and we hope that there are other people out there who will share our feelings about these games. Zatikon is one of those games.

Developed basically by a single programmer and continually improved over the years. The game has grown to have over a 100 units, each having unique abilities and strategy. Balancing all these units can be overwhelming but yet the game has grown into a very well balanced and fun tactics game.

One thing you don’t think about when adding that next cool unit is how hard it will be to get art to make the game look good. The board is can have a lot of units on it, so they are small. Making a small unit look good is not easy. Especially when you have over a 100 of them. You want animations and fancy effects? Now you are talking 1000’s of frames of animations. So do you not add the next cool unit because of the art restrictions or do you work with what you have to add even more content to the game? For us it is not a choice, our games are about gameplay. Pretty graphics and effects are nice but when I am in the middle of a game of Zatikon trying to plan your next series of moves with the timer ticking down I don’t even see the graphics:

So after all of this work its time to put a video of the game on YouTube right? Then we just sit back and wait for all the comments. There is nothing better then reading the fine things people have to say about your hard work:

“Looks like crap. >.> Did they even try at all? Graphics are not everything, but come on…. At least be a step behind final fantasy tactics, and not complete decades behind. ”

“Dude, you’re talking to someone who enjoys NES/Arati games. This is 2010. If you cannot design a game with at least NES style grafix, then please do not release said game. This still looks stupid. :I ”

The fantastic thing is both these comments were posted by the same person. Maybe after the first comment he noticed that we went through the effort to update the interface with all new graphics and just wanted to let us know what he thought about the new look. Apparently we should not “design” games “with at least NES style Grafix”. I am just looking over the user comments and taking notes for our next design meeting. If we can’t design a game with at least NES graphics he kindly asks that we “please do not release said game.” Thank you for the advice, I will write that down also. Could you tell me a little more about what you think of the game? “This still looks stupid. :I” Ah perfect, let me put that down as well. It looks like it is back to the drawing board for Zatikon (no pun intended). It is too bad we already released a game while it is looking so stupid. No seriously I wrote that in my design notebook: “Don’t design game that looks stupid”. Got it, cancel the two games we are working on. No more looking stupid!

I have just finished a small update to Kingdom Elemental which fixes a couple of bugs and should help solve the problems with some NVIDIA cards and Windows 7.  While working on the update I got to playing the game a bit.  It is a challenge to stay on task when working on a fun game like Kingdom Elemental or Bridge Construction Set.  I always catch myself playing the game and forgetting all about what I was trying to fix.  It’s always the “what if I try that” or “I wonder if this would work” thoughts that gets me.  Updating Kingdom Elemental brought back the memories of how much fun it was to work on.  If you are a fan of tactics games and sarcasm then this game is for you.  When developing games with a small budget tt is very difficult to get quality voice overs and create characters with personality but I think Tony, the sound engineer did a great job.  I highly recommend listing to the level 3 into, it is probably the funniest story I have ever heard in a game.

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