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I finally finished the updates to Bridge It as well as an eight level add on pack and both are now available on chroniclogic.com. Here is the link to the add-on pack: http://www.chroniclogic.com/bridgeitpackorder.htm

Gaming On Linux is currently running a raffling to give out a free copy of Gish, see details in the link below.


Gaming On Linux is a website dedicated to providing gaming news for Linux as well as a directory of Linux games & utilities. They currently have a large library of games categorized from action to puzzle covering not only classics like World of Goo, but also newer, undiscovered titles like BOH.

Gaming on Linux

Gaming on Linux logo

Yawma Featuring Kingdom Elemental and others

Kingdom Elemental Featured on Yawma's gaming page (bottom right)

Yawma just left beta and officially launched early September. They are a one of a kind community dedicated to pulling indie titles into the spotlight with the use of various tools that allow quick, easy transitions of indie news to Facebook and other social platforms. Discovering quality games, and sharing them with other people is what Yawma’s all about.

Yawma is user driven, they work with game developers like us to provide content, reviews, and the best prices on Indie downloads they can. When users choose to buy games they like through Yawma, their Yawma social circles are formed. These connections allow gamers to discover quality indie games through friends they trust, or perhaps even alert them to stay away from certain games depending on the friend. Yawma also allows members to easily share games with their non-Yawma friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The Yawma user profile also allows their members to earn cash rewards via PayPal by using the system. With new updates and content coming out daily, Yawma is set to be a big name in the Indie gaming industry.

Check out our titles on their site,



Keep any eye on the 6 lbs burrito cam at the Nascar Cafe next week. Myself and two other developers will be in Vegas for a week working on Golf? (that’s pronounced Golf Question Mark). Besides trying to finish a game we will also be trying to eat a 6 lbs burrito while we are there! Why not right?

Check it out:

6 lbs Burrito Cam

We received a great response to our request for Interns and should have all our open positions filled shortly! I am looking forward to a very productive fall with lots of work getting done on several of our projects!

I swear this game will be released soon. Stupid programmy stuff. I’ve had the music done for a year or two now. Though now that I think of it…there’s only one gameplay track…
Is that right? I know I wrote more stuff than that. I’m a big proponent of more is better. More fajitas, more money, more problems… I’ll take it all.  They all balance out and prove that everything is made better with just one more of whatever it is.  So there’s menu music, global map music, but only one gameplay track across 90+ levels. Intentional?

Wouldn’t that be nice? Honestly we meant to write more in the beginning. Then when I saw we were splitting the levels intro groups/planetary systems I figure it’d be a shoo-in we’d do one track per system. But the single song stuck. What’s so special about it?

The game is broken into 2-minute play sessions. Each level starts with 2 minutes on the clock and you have those 2 minutes to get as high a score as possible and hopefully move on to the next stage. So I thought…ok, let’s make all the gameplay tracks 2 minutes long so you wouldn’t be listening to a boring repetitive block of music that you’ll turn off as soon as you find the options menu. Turns out it’s much harder than I thought to start and end a song precisely at 2 minutes unless you keep it at 60/120bpm and don’t change tempo. We’d lose the ability to ramp up tempo to increase tension as the match progressed, but we’d be able to orchestrate a fairly dynamic sounding track that took the player through the paces of each level.

So I wrote a track that slowly introduced new layers as time passes. Starting with simple synth, bass and drums moving into more strange effects, heightened percussion, and finally some guitar licks and crunches that funneled you towards the inevitable end of the match. I think one of the reasons the song became more central to the gameplay was as we were creating levels and testing we could use the place in the song to gauge what tension to introduce into the gameplay via scripted events or other design elements. I think it was all subconscious but the song impacted the development more than any of us thought.

For the player it’ll mean once you get used to the paces of the song you won’t be checking the clock anymore to see how much time you have, you’ll just know. Turned out to be a great piece of feedback that streamlines the gameplay universally.

At least…I hope it’s received that way. I know a lot of people will play with music and/or sfx off and that’s fine. I can honestly say you would be missing much. We didn’t just make a noise here and there for the purty bits and explosions, we stressed and bandied about nearly every sound in the game and made numerous revisions of them until they helped the player ascertain what was going on, what they are doing, and how to affect everything properly to master the game.
Aw such lofty ideas these sound guys have.

Anyhow, when you get the game I’d love to hear what you think about the music in the game. Should we include more tracks in any expansions we may do? I’d be interested in hearing what y’all thought!

Hey this is Tony. One of the developers on AstroDriller 3020 and longtime Chronic Logic fan and collaborator. Long time? Well ever since Kingdom Elemental I guess so… 2007? Man, 3 years! 3 years!!!

So maybe it hasn’t been long in the scheme of things, and I’d love to share some stuff about some of my work with Chronic Logic over the years…

I think it’s been more than three years. Hmm…

Anyhow ASTRODRILLER 3020.  I was brought on for sound about halfway through development.  However we had some killer tools in place that let just about anyone create a level and that’s where I spent most of the time. If I spent 2 weeks designing SFX and Music cues with fellow CL contributor Casey Coffman, then I spent like two months designing levels in my spare time. It was a great challenge to not only master the tools but (at least for me) to bend the rules as much as I could with them.  So many of the levels in the game that are quirky, bizarre, or are beautifully chaotic I probably designed (Crossfire! You’ll get caught in the…) We all had some crazy ideas that made it in but I think I have a whole system in the game that are my levels only.  I’ll take that as a compliment even though I’m sure it might have been just because Garrett is a friend and he doesn’t want to make me cry.

Honestly, I can’t wait for you guys to play this game. For a long time I thought it’d never see the light of day so I kept bugging Garrett for updates. Well here we are! Any day now! Soon! TBA! Next Week! Probably Already! Up on Torrentz! need crack for astrodill.exe!!!

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