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467x181Bridge It Plus is now available on steam. It actually has been for a while but I have not posted it here yet. Any purchase of Bridge It through chroniclogic.com comes with a Steam and Desura key. You can check out Bridge It Plus here or on Steam.

The latest news is the Kingdom Elemental has just been updated and released on Steam as well and is on sale for $3.99! It includes Steam achievements and I am in the process of adding Steam Leader boards to track your high scores in Kingdom Elemental’s Destiny Mode. Destiny mode is my favorite gameplay mode. You face increasingly difficult waves of enemies seeing how long you can last and increasing your score for each enemy you kill.

I will be posting more news as I work on the Leader Boards for Kingdom Elemental as well as a Steam Demo. If anyone has a chance to try out Destiny Mode let me know what you think.

Also look for more news about our latest game coming soon.

Here is how Bridge It is looking at the end of the day. It has moved up a good amount since yesterday (18 spots) but this was in part to Steam picking several of the Greenlight entries for Steam and removing them from Greenlight. Can’t complain though, we are nearing the top 50 with Bridge It. If you have not voted already please help use put Bridge It on Steam!

Bridge It Greenlight

Bridge It Greenlight

Bridge It has been on Steam’s Greenlight for a little over a week now and it seems to be doing pretty well. It is currently ranked #79 and still climbing.

Greenlight Stats

Greenlight Stats

I think being in the recent for the last week at a time when Steam has a lot of traffic has helped but all the current and past fans of all our Bridge Building games have been making a huge difference so thank you! If you have not voted yet please do, help get Bridge It and other Chronic Logic games on to Steam!

Besides adding Bridge Project to the web page and putting Bridge It into Greenlight we have been busy getting Bridge It into the IndieFort Countdown Bundle!

The IndieFort Bundle is actually five bundles that each last a week.  They start at four dollars and decrease by a dollar per week if you purchase the previous ones.  So get the first four and the last one is free.  Bridge It will be in week three.  We also will be donating 5% of the money to Help-Daniel, a very good cause for a fellow game developer with a serious medical condition.

Here is what week one looks like, remember Bridge It will be in Week three:

IndieFort Week 1

The total five week bundle included twenty games! All five bundles will only cost you $10 total, that is %.50 per game. Take a look at the video for more details:

Just added Bridge It to the Steam Greenlight, if you have a Steam account go vote!  Also Bridge It is $1o off for the next few days to celebrate the start of the holidays!

Bridge Project

Bridge Project Screenshot

I have been so busy I have not had a chance to post in a while. We have a couple cool things going on, first Bridge Project, a brand new bridge building game is now available!  Check out the Free Demo!

Also I have bundled Bridge It with the add-on pack if you have not picked up either one yet check it out here:Bridge It add-on Bundle

Last but not least Bridge Construction Set is currently on sale for $10 off!

I finally finished the updates to Bridge It as well as an eight level add on pack and both are now available on chroniclogic.com. Here is the link to the add-on pack: http://www.chroniclogic.com/bridgeitpackorder.htm

Just uploaded update to the Bridge It demo, if anyone wants to test it before it goes public. It now allows you to switch graphics options in the options screen and saves all settings in the “My Documents” folders instead of the program files folder. Let us know if you find any problems!


New Demo is now available:


Does anyone find this interesting?

Gish Sales Statistics since Pick-Your-Own-Price

After a lot of work we have managed to make some major changes to Bridge It to allow it to run on all types of graphics cards.  This new version was released several months ago and has breathed new life into the game which inspired me to dive into the code and figure out how new levels could be added to the game.  Remember Bridge It was a collaboration between Nvidia, Auran and Chronic Logic so while the game play code was based on Bridge Construction Set we didn’t write any of the other code for the game.  This made for a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to do something that should be simple like adding levels.  It didn’t help that I was not able to contact any of the programmers who did write all the non-gameplay code for Bridge It.  The point is that it was quite a job just to get all the source code for Bridge It compiling and figuring out how it all worked.  So after lots of work I am happy to say that I figured out how to add some more levels to the game and there will be an add-on pack with 8 new levels for Bridge It released soon!

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